The top 20 reasons we understand Toronto client videography needs

What makes you different from the rest? This same question has been asked several of times and to many wedding videographers. We cannot say what others may have responded to this frequently asked question, but we are confident and certain about our response.

Olivia & Danny for PWGFor more than 20 years we have been in this industry doing what we are most passionate about. Videography is our full time passion and we take pride in providing our clients with a one of a kind experience from the first meeting to the delievery every product. Not only is our post-production quick, but we look over, revise, and improve all of our edited videos to guarantee professionalism and satisfaction when delivering the final product.

We always give more than what our clients ask for because it’s not about a one time client, it is about creating relationships with our clients and understanding their needs and wants for their important date.

Now the next question one may ask is, why should I be choosing Hollywood Timmes?

Our answer is based on our unique clientele and 20 years of experience. Our style of filming and editing is based on what the client wants and desires. Creating a documentary ­style type of video, means understanding and capturing the real dramatic moments as fast as the videographers eye. A “Hollywood”­style video has that luxuriant, delicate, and elegant quality. This style allows us to express and demonstrate our talent through our editing, thus allowing us to provide a gorgeous work of art to share and watch time and time again.

The staff at Hollywood Timmes recommends for you to come by the studio to see all our work and allow us to demonstrate why you should chose us! As our slogan says…


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