What happens behind the scenes of a “Same Day Edit” video that you might never know about!

March 14th, 2015 – Gabriela and Michael’s Wedding Day:

This was one of out first “Same Day Edits” of 2015 and it was honestly a great Wedding! Despite the cold outside, the day was filled with warmth, laughs, and joy! Also, with such a wonderful couple like Gabriela and Michael and with their outgoing and fun bridal party the day unfolded perfectly.

During a “Same Day Edit” there are many things we keep in mind, such as timing, keeping on schedule, weather, traffic, location, and cooperation. On Saturday, March 14th our couple made sure that everything was on time and on schedule, which was excellent for us. Keeping up with the wedding day schedule is very important because we need to make sure the necessary shots are taken so that the editing process may begin as soon as possible.

We started the day in North York at the Grooms house, where the groom, his ushers, and family were all ready for the big day! Michael was cool and relaxed, but I think a little bit nervous because he wanted the day to be as perfect as possible. Michael and his grooms men looked flashy and on point with their tuxedos.

From the grooms house we went straight to the brides house in Toronto, which was very close to the church. When we arrived Gabriela was very calm and relaxed, which was a plus considering many brides do get stressed and nervous on their wedding day. Gabriela looked stunning in her dress and her make up and hair looked absolutely flawless!

The cooperation and help from this amazing bridal party, the loving families, and the anxious bride and groom themselves was excellent. They allowed us to take all the necessary shots needed for the “Same Day Edit” and this was perfect!

The ceremony took place at St. Philip Neri Parish located at 2100 Jane Street, the church was beautiful and had that warm feel to it as soon as you got in. With the big stained glass windows around the church and the beautiful skylight we were able to take some spectacular shots because the lighting was just right. The Priest allowed us to film with our four cameras and permitted us to take all necessary shots. The priest was very nice and considerate when it came to the filming, that allowed us to do our job smoothly. It was a beautiful ceremony overall and although it was very cold outside the weather allowed us to get some beautiful shots on the outside of the church.

This part is where the magic happens!

Our editor retrieves all the memory cards from the cameras used and he goes to the editing studio to edit the footage, render the footage, check the final video, burn it on a DVD or Blu-Ray, and then the editor has to view the video one last time to make sure its perfect. Once that is all done the editor has to make it to the hall before the screen presentation takes place.

But what ACTUALLY happened on March 14th was the following…

When our editor Maurizio arrived to our editing studio he came to the shocking and nerve-racking realization that the power was out through out the whole building! Quickly he called Gustavo (Owner of Hollywood Timmes) and explained the situation, Gustavo then told him to grab all the equipment needed and to take it to his home in Vaughan. Being professional, keeping on schedule, and bringing the best to the table is Hollywood Timmes forté, regardless of the situation at hand the video had to be edited and completed before the couples main entrance.

After all that hard work and dedication the “Same Day Edit” video was ready! Now what our editor, now known as our Super Hero Maurizio, had to make it to the hall just in time for the video presentation that at 7:00pm. Usually around 5 to 6pm there is traffic, oh did I mention that the hall was in downtown Toronto?! This is why we call our editor a super hero because in 35 minutes or less he made it to the hall all the way from Vaughan. Overall, he was on time and arrived to the hall with a master piece for the couple and their family and friends to enjoy.

Anything can go wrong any day at any time, but at Hollywood Timmes we focus on providing the best service possible regardless of any circumstances we may encounter.

No matter what happens…

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